Wee L'il People is a private preschool designed to provide a safe, loving, nurturing facility environment so that academic excellence can flourish.

Our primary goal here at Wee L'il People is to promote and enhance your child's self-esteem. We also use positive, constructive discipline methods which reward your child's positive behavior and do not dwell on the challenges.

We also include multi-cultural lessons generally focusing on the tidbits of lives of famous people from many different ethnic groups, especially the ones that are represented here.

Our day is divided into two parts. In the morning, we work with your child on the academics appropriate to levels of understanding and skill. In the afternoon, your child goes to a learning center of choice.

We pledge that we will do all that we can to assure that your child is physically safe, emotionally happy and mentally stimulated.
Wee L'il People Preschool

Important Features of the School:

  • Competent and caring instructions
  • Safe stimulating environment
  • Hot lunch program
  • Convenient hours: 7 A.M to 6 P.M.
  • Fun field trips
  • Art, Music & Science
  • Loving, individual attention
  • Excellent Freeway & Public Transit Access
+If you want your child to have roots and wings
+To always be able to see possibilities
+To feel at home in the world
+To know that he or she is a child of the universe
+To have a spirit of hope and can do,
Then join the Wee L'il People Family!
650 Alma Avenue
Oakland, CA. 94610
Phone: 510-433-0288
Fax: 510-832-8644
Email: info@weelilpeople.com