Wee L'il People Preschool

Child Admission Procedure
1. Facility Visit

2. Oral Interview

3. Completion of: A. Admission Agreement
                                  B. Emergency Identification Information
                                  C. Child's Health History
                                  D. Physician's Report
                                  E. Immunization Record & T.B. Test
                                  F. Parent's Rights
                                  G. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
                                  H. Personal Rights
                                  I.  Tuition Agreement

4. Submission of:
A. All Relevant Forms
The following forms can be filled out online and printed prior to setting an appointment with our school
B. Immunization Records
C. Two weeks Tuition plus A One Time Registration Fee
D. A Deposit Fee Equal to Two Weeks Tuition

5. Child Must Bring The Following Items On The First Day of School
A. Crib Sheet
B. Blanket
C. Crayon Box
D. Scissors (child safety)
E. Complete Change of Clothing

6. Steps for Dismissal of a Child:
A. Parent Conference
B. Deadline Given for Correction
C. Problem Resolved or Child Dismissed 
The first 2 weeks are a probationary period; during this time, a child can be dismissed
if the facility does not suit his or her needs
Prior to admission of a child the following steps are taken:
Admission Forms (individual)
Admissions Forms 
(entire packet)